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+ DONUM (ZX Spectrum 128k)

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 After two years of development, the most terrifying interactive fiction you've ever played comes to the ZX Spectrum. Donum will plunge you into a daily nightmare that you will have to survive every night.


Since you found that strange box in your garden, every night, every dream, has become a real nightmare for you. A thriller from which you don't know how to escape. The only thing you can do at the moment is play the macabre game that some strange beings, who call themselves "guddomer", force you to play every night. Now, your only purpose is to survive and that your soul does not become a slave for all eternity... You're not ready for this. No human being is.




+MUSIC: Mr. Rancio


+TESTING TEAM: Dwalin, SFH, C. Perezgrin & Mr. Rancio


Special thanks to Antonio Pérez (Greenweb) & Mark R. Jones for their help and support.


Please, input your email address if you want to be notified when a new physical edition of Donum is released: https://forms.gle/5kNzBnCSXQS6CJn86

Awards / Premios

Awards / Premios

 Tras dos años de desarrollo, llega al ZX Spectrum la ficción interactiva más terrorífica que hayas jugado nunca. Donum te sumergirá en una pesadilla diaria de la que tendrás que sobrevivir cada noche.


Desde que te encontraste aquella extraña caja en tu jardín, cada noche, cada sueño, se ha convertido en una auténtica pesadilla para ti. Una novela de terror de la que no sabes cómo escapar. Lo único que puedes hacer de momento es jugar al macabro juego que unos extraños seres, que se hacen llamar "guddomer", te obligan a jugar cada noche. Ahora, tu único propósito es sobrevivir y que tu alma no se convierta en esclava para toda la eternidad... No estás preparado para esto. Ningún ser humano lo está.




+MÚSICA: Mr. Rancio


+TESTEO: Dwalin, SFH, C. Perezgrin & Mr. Rancio


Gracias en especial a Antonio Pérez (Greenweb) & Mark R. Jones por su ayuda y soporte.


Por favor, introduce tu email si deseas que te avisemos cuando salga una nueva edición física de Donum: https://forms.gle/5kNzBnCSXQS6CJn86




Buy Now2.50€ EUR or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 2.50€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

Donum_ESP-ENGv1.1.dsk (+3 Version) 190 kB
Donum_ENGv1.1.tap (English Version) 113 kB
Instructions_ENG.pdf (English Version) 5 MB
Donum_ESPv1.1.tap (Versión en Español) 114 kB
Instrucciones_ESP.pdf (Versión en Español) 5 MB
OST.zip (Original Soundtrack - Music) 26 MB
DonumArtwork.pdf (Libreto / Booklet) 15 MB

Download demo

DonumTemplate.pdf (Mapa / Map) 1 MB
Donum_DEMO.zip 11 MB

Development log


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Hola buenas! Tengo un pequeño programa en Tuich donde retransmito partidas de juegos retro, apenas llevo 4 horas de retransmisión y prácticamente no me ve casi nadie, pero estoy bastante interesado en hacer un estrimin de este juego. ¿Me dais permiso para retransmitar? El nombre de mi canal el vincentpric3 por si queréis echar un vistazo.

Hola Vicente. No hay ningún problema. Adelante!

Muchas gracias! ☺️

I GOT IT!!! THANKS!!!!! Quality is AWESOME. Sois la oxtia :)

Thanks, amigo 😉

That was fun – well worth the price!

If I could fix one thing, it would be that in English, the game allows you to use the word "box" for the moneybox if you want to look at it, but not if you want to… do something about it. It's a bit inconsistent and I got stumped at first.


Mmmm... Maybe that happens because in Donum there is both a box and a moneybox. I'll check it out.

Saldrá una edición física?

(1 edit)

Es posible... no puedo adelantar nada aún... 😉

Aquí tienes la respuesta: https://bitfans.itch.io/donum/devlog/454327/prximamente-coming-soon 😉

Genial! Qué ganas!

Hay que reservarla?

Sí, ya está disponible: https://bitfans.itch.io/donum/devlog/457204/pre-order-para-edicin-fsica-physical-release-pre-order


Seems a great game and I would like to purchase it. However, I would like to play it on real hardware, so I downloaded the demo and converted it to .wav to give it a try on my grey +2.

The thing is, the spanish demo runs but the english demo doesn't. The screen after the intro shows some corruption, alternating scintillating columns and then resets or crashes.

Is there an issue with the demo and the grey +2 or maybe my spectrum is faulty? (It doesn't appear to be, because it still runs many 128k games just fine.)

If there is an issue has it been fixed in Donum_ENGv1.1.tap?


Thanks for your words!

English & Spanish demos are the same, the only difference is the text.

The corruption you're talking about is known as "snow effect". As you said, this effect (not a real problem) was fixed in Donum_ENGv1.1.tap. Anyway, such effect do not affect the functionallity of the game, it's just an "effect". More info at the development log.

Please, PLEASE! Physical relase! PLEASE!

Maybe, maybe, maybe... 😉

The answer: https://bitfans.itch.io/donum/devlog/454327/prximamente-coming-soon 😉

Now available: https://bitfans.itch.io/donum/devlog/457204/pre-order-para-edicin-fsica-physical...


Alguna posibilidad de que esté también disponible en dsk?

El juego es una pasada, pero para cargar el tap en un spectrum de verdad hay que armarse de paciencia...

Gracias y enhorabuena!!


Sobre el dsk, no me lo había planteado, pero estudiaré su viabilidad.

Un saludo.

(1 edit)

Ya está disponible en formato DSK. Más información en el "development log".

Genial! Gracias!! :))

(2 edits)

I am playing it and currently in night four. Would you share how you programmed it? Plain assembly? There is a lot for such a small sized file!

Did you use any form of compression for text/graphics/music?

Congratulations, I hope many people buy this.


Night four? That's great. Cheer up!

Donum was programmed using a mixture of Boriel Basic (compiled), assembler and the ZX0 data compressor for text, graphics, music and some code... The chosen decompressor routine is very fast, almost in real time.


Scary & fun game!

Thanks! ☺️

Ainda não consegui testar o jogo (muito trabalho), mas a OST é fenomenal ;)

Muito obrigado! Espero que gostem e se divirtam 👍🏻

Completed, vey nice. Last part you need to draw a map... :)

That's the way!

Is an Amstrad cpc (and french) version intended ? Are the source code available ?

Sorry, it's not planned to port it to any other platform at this time. Regarding the source code, is not available. Maybe yes in the future.

(2 edits)

I noticed that in the search of ITCH.IO if you write "DONUM" nothing is found.

Even if I do a search for "ZX SPECTRUM" games, DONUM doesn't appear in the list!

It looks like a game ... ghost!

I bought this game, it looks great!

Wow! Thanks for the info. I have contacted Itch.io to find out why and hope they fix it soon.

Thanks for purchasing! I hope you enjoy it.

(1 edit)

ok, now itch.io searches work fine! :-D

Juegazo...!!! Un detalle lo del Artwork y la OST. Simplemente genial.

Muchas gracias! Son parte importante del juego y decidimos incluirlas. Me alegro de que te guste.